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About Me

Amandeep Kaur Johal - Bolly Ditz Dolly - She They for both.

'artdekaur' - started off as a little wordplay I created in Uni to encapsulate all of my work. I adore wordplay so taking my name and mixing it with 'Art Decor' was humorous to me.

I started diving into the world of writing when it was my only tool to ignore the ignorance of the outside world. I used to create little stories and also voice my truth which my teachers where proud of. Studying Performing Arts where I started to grow as a performer. Having bound myself to books as one of my safe havens, my parents encouraged me to read and to look into English Literature with Creative Writing which is where I found my love for poetry from my Creative Writing teacher.

I started to explore the shift of narratives and explore my own. Writing out both the pain and pleasure, a majority of which toured around London's underground poetry nights. I worked as a barista during my student days and after Uni, I gained a copywriting, marketing and editing job - all sort of boring for me to write out here! 
I created a collection of Fairytale Poetry in 2010 which explored different mediums of writing whilst acknowledging how it was written at a time when representation was far few and in between.

College was also the time I studied Cabaret and peaked my interest and taking that into my own narrative, I trained as a dancer despite 'not looking pretty like the other Asian girls' or how I looked from the outside world, I ignored every time I heard that people like me weren't allowed to be destined for greater things. 

After many years of being part of dance groups, I took a bold step to start pushing my performances as a soloist. Fighting the good fight, I eventually became the first Asian Burlesque Idol UK  Queen in 2019. You could also ONE OF THE MANY Asian Burlesque performers. Perhaps one of the first Punjabi's but I honestly first thought of the fact that I'm most likely one of the first people born in Newham to reach that accomplishment.

I can honestly say I cannot remember a time I benefitted without putting in the work, clocking in the hours, grinding, rehearsing, working etc - but if I did non of this it wouldn't be worth it.

I grant myself credit for the journey I have had which continues to grow. I urge you to look within and start appreciating what you can and have done on your own.

2021 is marking the year I start these works again.

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